Tuesday, November 6, 2012

AGE-2 Gundam - Normal 1/100 Master Grade Final WIP + Minireview + Halo 4 unboxing

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Got the wing binders done and ready for topcoating. I personally think that The Age-2 should have a mode where it doesn't use these silly things. I got the weapons started, the rifle itself is massive and it's pretty much the size of a leg. During the build I noticed my micron pen (005) is no longer a fine tip, this saddened me as it was a good go to pen for some fine panel lining. While building this kits shield unit, I couldn't stop thinking how useless it would be in a fight.

During the process of building the second beam saber hilt, I applied a bit too much pressure and the snapped the part that slides into the saber guard. Nothing a little plastic glue can't fix.

Getting the parts ready for topcoats


Finally got my Halo 4: Limited Edition from London Drugs 

the game disks are in the white steel case, very sexy 

 random goodies are a poster(blue paper with barcode), game notes from one of the spartans(bright blue), Mission briefing papers(sliver bag) and Xbox live stuff in the red bag.
for those of you that want to play with me gamertag: Ravencore17

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Ah...the Age-2 Gundam...great overall design from the Gundam Age design techs. The master grade kit of the Age-2 is like all other MGs a 1/100 scale kit. The 1/100 scale lets bandai have more fun with how the finer details of the models look like, for example the wing binders in the show and HG don't have nearly as much lines as the MG. Another detail change is the shoulders, were the HG is just a straight line the MG has a more noticeable downwards dipping and is more recessed. Because I only own 1 1/100 action base that is currently being used by my Strike Gundam, I didn't do any off ground shots of Age-2 for now.


  • Great color separation - Granted there is only 6 colors the kit engineers really did a good job with this.
  • Articulation - The range of movement on this guy is crazy, crazy enough that it can transform without any swapping of parts or temporary removal of any parts.
  • Detail - The kit comes with a good size sheet of decals and a small but rather packed sheet of dry transfers.
  • Clumsy transformation - The transformation process for the kit is not pretty. Several times the part that hangs off the bottom of the shoulders will pop out. The are hinged so when you are moving them around for the transformation you will accidentally pop out the limbs. The shoulders connect to the main torso via a hinged system as well and will pop out when you try a more aggressive stance with the kit. 
  • Limb weight - Due to the wing binders that this guy has the shoulders sag pretty easily. The rifle due to its size is pretty heavy for the weak shoulder and elbow polycaps so the arm will sag to a neutral weight stance after a while. The backside skirt with the rifle attached will also sag because of the added rifle weight.

Next kit up hasn't been decided but its leaning towards the HG Bawoo

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